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 * Copyright (c) 2002-2005, Network Appliance, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * This Software is licensed under one of the following licenses:
 * 1) under the terms of the "Common Public License 1.0" a copy of which is
 *    in the file LICENSE.txt in the root directory. The license is also
 *    available from the Open Source Initiative, see
 *    http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cpl.php.
 * 2) under the terms of the "The BSD License" a copy of which is in the file
 *    LICENSE2.txt in the root directory. The license is also available from
 *    the Open Source Initiative, see
 *    http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php.
 * 3) under the terms of the "GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2" a 
 *    copy of which is in the file LICENSE3.txt in the root directory. The 
 *    license is also available from the Open Source Initiative, see
 *    http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php.
 * Licensee has the right to choose one of the above licenses.
 * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
 * notice and one of the license notices.
 * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce both the above copyright
 * notice, one of the license notices in the documentation
 * and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

#ifndef __DAPL_PROTO_H__
#define __DAPL_PROTO_H__

#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <dat2/kdat.h>
#include <dat2/udat.h>

#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string.h>

#include "dapl_mdep.h"
#include "dapl_tdep_print.h"
#include "dapl_bpool.h"
#include "dapl_client_info.h"
#include "dapl_common.h"
#include "dapl_client_info.h"
#include "dapl_execute.h"
#include "dapl_getopt.h"
#include "dapl_global.h"
#include "dapl_fft_cmd.h"
#include "dapl_fft_util.h"
#include "dapl_limit_cmd.h"
#include "dapl_memlist.h"
#include "dapl_params.h"
#include "dapl_performance_stats.h"
#include "dapl_performance_test.h"
#include "dapl_quit_cmd.h"
#include "dapl_server_info.h"
#include "dapl_tdep.h"
#include "dapl_test_data.h"
#include "dapl_transaction_cmd.h"
#include "dapl_transaction_test.h"
#include "dapl_transaction_stats.h"
#include "dapl_version.h"

#define DAT_ERROR(Type,SubType) ((DAT_RETURN)(DAT_CLASS_ERROR | Type | SubType))

 * Prototypes

/* dapl_bpool.c */
Bpool *         DT_BpoolAlloc (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                         DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead,
                         DAT_IA_HANDLE ia_handle,
                         DAT_PZ_HANDLE pz_handle,
                         DAT_EP_HANDLE ep_handle,
                         DAT_EVD_HANDLE rmr_evd_handle,
                         DAT_COUNT seg_size,
                         DAT_COUNT num_segs,
                         DAT_COUNT alignment,
                         DAT_BOOLEAN enable_rdma_write,
                         DAT_BOOLEAN enable_rdma_read);

bool            DT_Bpool_Destroy (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                          DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead,
                             Bpool * bpool_ptr);

unsigned char   *DT_Bpool_GetBuffer (Bpool * bpool_ptr, int index);
DAT_COUNT        DT_Bpool_GetBuffSize (Bpool * bpool_ptr, int index);
DAT_LMR_TRIPLET *DT_Bpool_GetIOV (Bpool * bpool_ptr, int index);
DAT_LMR_CONTEXT  DT_Bpool_GetLMR (Bpool * bpool_ptr, int index);
DAT_RMR_CONTEXT  DT_Bpool_GetRMR (Bpool * bpool_ptr, int index);

void            DT_Bpool_print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, Bpool *bpool_ptr);

/* dapl_cnxn.c */
int             get_ep_connection_state (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                               DAT_EP_HANDLE ep_handle);

/* dapl_client.c */
DAT_RETURN      DT_cs_Client (Params_t * params_ptr,
                        char *dapl_name,
                        char *server_name,
                        DAT_UINT32 total_threads);

/* dapl_client_info.c */
void            DT_Client_Info_Endian (Client_Info_t * client_info);

void            DT_Client_Info_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead, 
                              Client_Info_t * client_info);

/* dapl_transaction_stats.c */
void            DT_init_transaction_stats (Transaction_Stats_t * transaction_stats,
                               unsigned int nums);
void            DT_transaction_stats_set_ready (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Transaction_Stats_t* transaction_stats);

void            DT_transaction_stats2_set_ready (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Transaction_Stats_t* transaction_stats);

bool            DT_transaction_stats_wait_for_all (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead,
                              Transaction_Stats_t* transaction_stats);

bool            DT_transaction_stats2_wait_for_all (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead,
                              Transaction_Stats_t* transaction_stats);

void            DT_update_transaction_stats (Transaction_Stats_t * transaction_stats,
                                 unsigned int num_ops,
                                 unsigned int time_ms,
                                 unsigned int bytes_send,
                                 unsigned int bytes_recv,
                                 unsigned int bytes_rdma_read,
                                 unsigned int bytes_rdma_write);

void            DT_print_transaction_stats (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Transaction_Stats_t* transaction_stats,
                                unsigned int num_threads,
                                unsigned int num_EPs);

/* dapl_endian.c */
void            DT_Endian_Init (void);
DAT_UINT32      DT_Endian32 (DAT_UINT32 val);
DAT_UINT64      DT_Endian64 (DAT_UINT64 val);
DAT_UINT32      DT_EndianMemHandle (DAT_UINT32 val);
DAT_UINT64      DT_EndianMemAddress (DAT_UINT64 val);

/* dapl_getopt.c */
void            DT_mygetopt_init (mygetopt_t * opts);

int             DT_mygetopt_r (int argc,
                         char *const * argv,
                         const char *ostr,
                         mygetopt_t * opts);

/* dapl_main.c */
int             main (int argc, char *argv[]);

int             dapltest (int argc, char *argv[]);

void            Dapltest_Main_Usage (void);

/* dapl_mdep.c */
void            DT_Mdep_Init (void);
void            DT_Mdep_End (void);
bool            DT_Mdep_GetDefaultDeviceName (char *dapl_name);
void            DT_Mdep_Sleep (int msec);
void        DT_Mdep_Schedule (void);
bool        DT_Mdep_GetCpuStat (DT_CpuStat *sys_stat);
unsigned long   DT_Mdep_GetTime (void);
double          DT_Mdep_GetCpuMhz (void);
unsigned long   DT_Mdep_GetContextSwitchNum (void);
void           *DT_Mdep_Malloc (size_t l_);
void            DT_Mdep_Free (void *a_);
bool            DT_Mdep_LockInit (DT_Mdep_LockType * lock_ptr);
void            DT_Mdep_LockDestroy (DT_Mdep_LockType * lock_ptr);
void            DT_Mdep_Lock (DT_Mdep_LockType * lock_ptr);
void            DT_Mdep_Unlock (DT_Mdep_LockType * lock_ptr);
void            DT_Mdep_Thread_Init_Attributes (Thread * thread_ptr);
void            DT_Mdep_Thread_Destroy_Attributes (Thread * thread_ptr);
bool            DT_Mdep_Thread_Start (Thread * thread_ptr);

void              DT_Mdep_Thread_Detach (DT_Mdep_ThreadHandleType thread_id);
DT_Mdep_ThreadHandleType DT_Mdep_Thread_SELF ( void );
void              DT_Mdep_Thread_EXIT ( void * thread_handle );
int                     DT_Mdep_wait_object_init ( IN DT_WAIT_OBJECT *wait_obj);
int               DT_Mdep_wait_object_wait (
                                        IN      DT_WAIT_OBJECT *wait_obj,
                                        IN  int timeout_val);
int               DT_Mdep_wait_object_wakeup ( IN     DT_WAIT_OBJECT *wait_obj);
int               DT_Mdep_wait_object_destroy ( IN DT_WAIT_OBJECT *wait_obj);

            DT_Mdep_Thread_Start_Routine (void *thread_handle);

/* dapl_memlist.c */
void            DT_MemListInit (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);
void           *DT_MemListAlloc (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                     char *file,
                                     mem_type_e t,
                                     int size);
void            DT_MemListFree (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                    void *ptr);
void            DT_PrintMemList (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

/* dapl_netaddr.c */
bool            DT_NetAddrLookupHostAddress (DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR to_netaddr,
                                   char *hostname);

DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR DT_NetAddrAlloc (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

void            DT_NetAddrFree (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                        DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR netaddr);

/* dapl_params.c */
bool            DT_Params_Parse (int argc,
                        char *argv[],
                        Params_t * params_ptr);

/* dapl_performance_cmd.c */
const char *    DT_PerformanceModeToString (Performance_Mode_Type mode);

bool            DT_Performance_Cmd_Init (Performance_Cmd_t * cmd);

bool            DT_Performance_Cmd_Parse (Performance_Cmd_t * cmd,
                                int my_argc,
                                char **my_argv,
                                mygetopt_t * opts);

void            DT_Performance_Cmd_Print (Performance_Cmd_t * cmd);
void            DT_Performance_Cmd_PT_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                   Performance_Cmd_t * cmd);

void            DT_Performance_Cmd_Endian (Performance_Cmd_t * cmd);

/* dapl_performance_client.c */
DAT_RETURN      DT_Performance_Test_Client ( Params_t *params_ptr,
                                     Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                     DAT_IA_HANDLE * ia_handle,
                                     DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR remote);

bool            DT_Performance_Test_Client_Connect (
      DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead,
      Performance_Test_t * test_ptr);

bool            DT_Performance_Test_Client_Exchange (
      Params_t       *params_ptr,
      DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead,
                              Performance_Test_t *test_ptr );

/* dapl_performance_server.c */
void            DT_Performance_Test_Server (void * pt_ptr);

bool            DT_Performance_Test_Server_Connect (
      DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead,
      Performance_Test_t * test_ptr);

bool            DT_Performance_Test_Server_Exchange (
      DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead,
      Performance_Test_t *test_ptr);

/* dapl_performance_util.c */
bool            DT_Performance_Test_Create (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                 DAT_IA_HANDLE * ia_handle,
                                 DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR remote_ia_addr,
                                 DAT_BOOLEAN is_server,
                                 DAT_BOOLEAN is_remote_little_endian,
                                 Performance_Test_t **perf_test);

void            DT_Performance_Test_Destroy (Per_Test_Data_t      * pt_ptr,
                                  Performance_Test_t *test_ptr,
                                  DAT_BOOLEAN is_server);

bool            DT_performance_post_rdma_op (Performance_Ep_Context_t *ep_context,
                                  DAT_EVD_HANDLE      reqt_evd_hdl,
                                  Performance_Stats_t *stats);

unsigned int   DT_performance_reap (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                            DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                            Performance_Mode_Type mode,
                            Performance_Stats_t *stats);

unsigned int   DT_performance_wait (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                            DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                            Performance_Stats_t *stats);

unsigned int   DT_performance_poll (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                            DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                            Performance_Stats_t *stats);

/* dapl_performance_stats.c */
void            DT_performance_stats_init (Performance_Stats_t * stats);

void            DT_performance_stats_record_post (Performance_Stats_t *stats,
                                     unsigned long ctxt_switch_num,
                                     DT_Mdep_TimeStamp ts);

void            DT_performance_stats_record_reap (Performance_Stats_t *stats,
                                     unsigned long ctxt_switch_num,
                                     DT_Mdep_TimeStamp ts);

void            DT_performance_stats_record_latency (Performance_Stats_t *stats,
                                        DT_Mdep_TimeStamp ts);

void            DT_performance_stats_data_combine (Performance_Stats_Data_t * dest,
                                      Performance_Stats_Data_t * src_a,
                                      Performance_Stats_Data_t * src_b);

void            DT_performance_stats_combine (Performance_Stats_t * dest,
                                   Performance_Stats_t * src_a,
                                   Performance_Stats_t * src_b);

double            DT_performance_stats_data_print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead,
                                    Performance_Stats_Data_t* data,
                                    double cpu_mhz);

void            DT_performance_stats_print (Params_t * params_ptr,
                                 DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                 Performance_Stats_t * stats,
                                 Performance_Cmd_t * cmd,
                                 Performance_Test_t * test);

/* dapl_server.c */
void            DT_cs_Server (Params_t * params_ptr);

/* dapl_server_cmd.c */
void            DT_Server_Cmd_Init (Server_Cmd_t * Server_Cmd);

bool            DT_Server_Cmd_Parse (Server_Cmd_t * Server_Cmd,
                                         int my_argc,
                                         char **my_argv,
                                         mygetopt_t * opts);

void            DT_Server_Cmd_Print (Server_Cmd_t * Server_Cmd);
void            DT_Server_Cmd_PT_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Server_Cmd_t * Server_Cmd);

void            DT_Server_Cmd_Usage (void);

/* dapl_server_info.c */
void            DT_Server_Info_Endian (Server_Info_t * server_info);

void            DT_Server_Info_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Server_Info_t * server_info);

/* dapl_test_data.c */
Per_Test_Data_t *DT_Alloc_Per_Test_Data (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead);

void        DT_Free_Per_Test_Data (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

/* dapl_test_util.c */
DAT_BOOLEAN     DT_query (Per_Test_Data_t *pt_ptr,
                       DAT_IA_HANDLE   ia_handle,
                       DAT_EP_HANDLE   ep_handle);

DAT_BOOLEAN     DT_post_recv_buffer (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                               DAT_EP_HANDLE ep_handle,
                              Bpool * bp,
                              int index,
                              int size);

DAT_BOOLEAN     DT_post_send_buffer (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                               DAT_EP_HANDLE ep_handle,
                              Bpool * bp,
                              int index,
                              int size);

bool            DT_conn_event_wait (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead,  
                               DAT_EP_HANDLE ep_handle,
                               DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                               DAT_EVENT_NUMBER *event_number);

bool        DT_disco_event_wait ( DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                            DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                              DAT_EP_HANDLE  *ep_handle );

bool            DT_cr_event_wait (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                             DAT_CR_ARRIVAL_EVENT_DATA *cr_stat_p);

bool            DT_dto_event_reap (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                              bool poll,
                              DAT_DTO_COMPLETION_EVENT_DATA *dtop);

bool            DT_dto_event_wait (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                              DAT_DTO_COMPLETION_EVENT_DATA *dtop);

bool            DT_dto_event_poll (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                              DAT_DTO_COMPLETION_EVENT_DATA *dtop);

bool            DT_rmr_event_wait (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_EVD_HANDLE evd_handle,
                        DAT_RMR_BIND_COMPLETION_EVENT_DATA *rmr_ptr);

bool            DT_dto_check ( DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                          DAT_DTO_COMPLETION_EVENT_DATA *dto_p,
                          DAT_EP_HANDLE   ep_expected,
                          DAT_COUNT       len_expected,
                          DAT_DTO_COOKIE  cookie_expected,
                          char            *message);

bool            DT_rmr_check ( DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                          DAT_RMR_HANDLE  rmr_expected,
                          DAT_PVOID       cookie_expected,
                          char            *message);

bool            DT_cr_check (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                        DAT_CR_ARRIVAL_EVENT_DATA *cr_stat_p,
                        DAT_PSP_HANDLE psp_handle_expected,
                        DAT_CONN_QUAL  port_expected,
                        DAT_CR_HANDLE *cr_handlep,
                        char          *message);

/* dapl_thread.c */
void            DT_Thread_Init (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

void            DT_Thread_End (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

Thread         *DT_Thread_Create (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                          void (*fn) (void *),
                          void *param,
                          unsigned int stacksize);

void            DT_Thread_Destroy (Thread * thread_ptr,
                            Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr);

bool            DT_Thread_Start (Thread * thread_ptr);

/* dapl_quit_cmd.c */
void            DT_Quit_Cmd_Init (Quit_Cmd_t * cmd);

bool            DT_Quit_Cmd_Parse (Quit_Cmd_t * cmd,
                           int my_argc,
                           char **my_argv,
                           mygetopt_t * opts);

bool            DT_Quit_Cmd_Validate (Quit_Cmd_t * cmd);

void            DT_Quit_Cmd_Endian (Quit_Cmd_t * cmd,
                            bool to_wire);

void            DT_Quit_Cmd_Print (Quit_Cmd_t * cmd);
void            DT_Quit_Cmd_PT_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head *phead, Quit_Cmd_t * cmd);

void            DT_Quit_Cmd_Usage (void);

/* dapl_transaction_cmd.c */
void            DT_Transaction_Cmd_Init (Transaction_Cmd_t * cmd);

bool            DT_Transaction_Cmd_Parse (Transaction_Cmd_t * cmd,
                                int my_argc,
                                char **my_argv,
                                mygetopt_t * opts);

void            DT_Transaction_Cmd_Print (Transaction_Cmd_t * cmd);
void            DT_Transaction_Cmd_PT_Print (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                  Transaction_Cmd_t * cmd);

void            DT_Transaction_Cmd_Endian (Transaction_Cmd_t * cmd,
                                 bool to_wire);
/* dapl_transaction_test.c */
DAT_RETURN      DT_Transaction_Test_Client (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                  DAT_IA_HANDLE ia_handle,
                                  DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR remote);

void            DT_Transaction_Test_Server (void *params);

bool            DT_Transaction_Create_Test (Per_Test_Data_t * pt_ptr,
                                  DAT_IA_HANDLE * ia_handle,
                                  DAT_BOOLEAN is_server,
                                  unsigned int port_num,
                                  DAT_BOOLEAN remote_is_little_endian,
                                  DAT_IA_ADDRESS_PTR remote_ia_addr);

void            DT_Transaction_Main (void *param);
bool            DT_Transaction_Run (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                     Transaction_Test_t * test_ptr);
void            DT_Transaction_Validation_Fill (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                     Transaction_Test_t * test_ptr,
                                    unsigned int iteration);
bool            DT_Transaction_Validation_Check (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                     Transaction_Test_t * test_ptr,
                                     int iteration);
void            DT_Print_Transaction_Test (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                  Transaction_Test_t* test_ptr);
void            DT_Print_Transaction_Stats (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                                  Transaction_Test_t* test_ptr);

/* dapl_transaction_util.c */
bool            DT_handle_post_recv_buf (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Ep_Context_t * ep_context,
                                    unsigned int num_eps,
                                    int op_indx);

bool            DT_handle_send_op (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Ep_Context_t * ep_context,
                              unsigned int num_eps,
                              int op_indx,
                              bool poll);

bool            DT_handle_recv_op (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Ep_Context_t * ep_context,
                              unsigned int num_eps,
                              int op_indx,
                              bool poll,
                              bool repost_recv);

bool            DT_handle_rdma_op (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                              Ep_Context_t * ep_context,
                              unsigned int num_eps,
                              DT_Transfer_Type opcode,
                              int op_indx,
                              bool poll);

bool            DT_check_params (Per_Test_Data_t *pt_ptr,
                         char *module);

void              DT_Test_Error (void);

/* dapl_util.c */
const char      *DT_RetToString (DAT_RETURN ret_value);

const char      *DT_TransferTypeToString (DT_Transfer_Type type);

const char      *DT_AsyncErr2Str (DAT_EVENT_NUMBER error_code);

const char      *DT_EventToSTr (DAT_EVENT_NUMBER event_code);

const char      *DT_State2Str (DAT_EP_STATE state_code);

DAT_QOS         DT_ParseQoS (char *arg);

unsigned char   *DT_AlignPtr (void * val, DAT_COUNT align);

DAT_COUNT       DT_RoundSize (DAT_COUNT val, DAT_COUNT align);

/* dapl_limit_cmd.c */
void      DT_Limit_Cmd_Init ( Limit_Cmd_t * cmd);

bool      DT_Limit_Cmd_Parse ( Limit_Cmd_t * cmd,
                              int my_argc,
                              char **my_argv,
                              mygetopt_t * opts);

void      DT_Limit_Cmd_Usage (void);

/* dapl_limit.c */
DAT_RETURN  DT_cs_Limit (Params_t *params, Limit_Cmd_t * cmd);

/* dapl_fft_cmd.c */
void      DT_FFT_Cmd_Init ( FFT_Cmd_t * cmd);

bool      DT_FFT_Cmd_Parse ( FFT_Cmd_t * cmd,
                              int my_argc,
                              char **my_argv,
                              mygetopt_t * opts);

void      DT_FFT_Cmd_Usage (void);

/* dapl_fft_test.c */
DAT_RETURN  DT_cs_FFT (Params_t *params, FFT_Cmd_t * cmd);

/* dapl_fft_hwconn.c */
void      DT_hwconn_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case2 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case3 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case4 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case5 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case6 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_hwconn_case7 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

/* dapl_fft_endpoint.c */
void      DT_endpoint_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_endpoint_generic (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd,
                         bool destroy_pz_early);
int       DT_endpoint_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_endpoint_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_endpoint_case2 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_endpoint_case3 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_endpoint_case4 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

/* dapl_fft_pz.c */
void      DT_pz_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case2 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case3 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case4 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case5 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_pz_case6 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

/* dapl_fft_util.c */
void      DT_assert_fail (DT_Tdep_Print_Head* phead, 
                      char *exp, 
                      char *file, 
                      char *baseFile, 
                      int line);
int       DT_ia_open (DAT_NAME_PTR dev_name, DAT_IA_HANDLE *ia_handle);
int       DT_ep_create (Params_t *params_ptr,
                    DAT_IA_HANDLE ia_handle, 
                    DAT_PZ_HANDLE pz_handle,
                    DAT_EVD_HANDLE *cr_evd,
                    DAT_EVD_HANDLE *conn_evd, 
                    DAT_EVD_HANDLE *send_evd,
                    DAT_EVD_HANDLE *recv_evd, 
                    DAT_EP_HANDLE *ep_handle);
void      DT_fft_init_conn_struct (FFT_Connection_t *conn);
void      DT_fft_init_client (Params_t *params_ptr,
                        FFT_Cmd_t *cmd, 
                        FFT_Connection_t *conn);
int       DT_fft_destroy_conn_struct (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Connection_t *conn);
void      DT_fft_init_server (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd, 
                        FFT_Connection_t *conn);
void      DT_fft_listen (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Connection_t *conn);
int       DT_fft_connect (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Connection_t *conn);

/* dapl_fft_connmgt.c */
int       DT_connmgt_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_connmgt_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
void      DT_connmgt_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

/* dapl_fft_mem.c */
int       DT_mem_generic (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd, int flag);
int       DT_mem_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_mem_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_mem_case2 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_mem_case3 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_mem_case4 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
void      DT_mem_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

/* dapl_fft_queryinfo.c */
int       DT_queryinfo_basic (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd,
                        FFT_query_enum object_to_query,
                        DAT_RETURN result_wanted);
int       DT_queryinfo_case0 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case1 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case2 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case3 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case4 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case5 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case6 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case7 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case8 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case9 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case10 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case11 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case12 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case13 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case14 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case15 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case16 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
int       DT_queryinfo_case17 (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);
void      DT_queryinfo_test (Params_t *params_ptr, FFT_Cmd_t *cmd);

#endif  /* __DAPL_PROTO_H__ */

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